Consulting services & software for local government financial reporting.

Who we are

Founded in 2002, Thales Consulting Inc. creates software and provides consulting related to local government financial reporting.  The Reporting Solution (TRS) streamlines the preparation of financial reports through collaboration and efficient reporting processes.

We collaborate cost-effectively with over 200 clients across 22 states because all aspects of our services, from set-up to training to maintenance, can be completed remotely.

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mission statement

Our mission is to identify, develop, and implement projects desired by local governments, provide economies of scale, and increase a government’s ability to be responsible to their constituents.

who is thales?

Among a host of other achievements, Thales of Miletus is thought to be the founder of natural philosophy and the developer of the scientific method. It could be argued that his achievements are unparalleled because he single-handedly initiated the first western enlightenment.

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Currently, over 90 local governments use The Reporting Solution (TRS) to create their annual report. TRS was designed to streamline the production of the annual report. Having the entire document centrally located eliminates version control issues, and being web-based improves collaboration, which clients say provides the flexibility to add more resources to meet their deadlines.

Since many of us are now teleworking we can no longer yell across the hall for help from our coworkers.  As a result, we have created a support forum for TRS users to better communicate with one another.   

The forum provides another way to support users. Users from different governments can now interact, share tips, discuss approaches to GASB pronouncements, and interact with the TRS support team. Within the forum, users can easily navigate to find answers to old questions they have asked without digging through old emails. Users can search through categories relevant to their questions to possibly find them already answered. 

This forum is for TRS users only. Since it is private users must create an account to access any of the information. 

California State Controller Services

We compile over 15% of California's Cities Financial Transactions Reports annually. Additionally, we compile Street and Special District Reports for California municipalities.



BUDGETONLINE is currently being piloted in a handful of governments. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this pilot.

Future Events

Amid the global pandemic Thales Consulting Inc. has decided to suspend all travel to conferences until June 2021. Depending on the circumstances any conferences that we decide to attend after June 2021 will be posted here and will be announced to relevant clients via email. We will continue to support these professional organizations as opportunities present themselves.

Past Events

CPE Milestone Event

TRS and Milestone Professional Services, Inc. are teaming up to provide two opportunities for free CPE credits. The event will be held in St. Petersburg on the 17th of October and Orlando on the 18th of October. This event will allow additional technical training on the use of TRS, CPE on Financial Reporting, and the opportunity to collaborate with other TRS users in the state.

GFOA - Virtual Conference

TRS attended the GFOA virtual conference that was held in 2020 in place of the in-person event.

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